Handprinting Process


Curious how I make Even Keel cards? Check out the steps below...

Step One: sketch out some funky original design and transfer it to the carving block. Some of the bestselling designs are based on ideas from friends and family, so if there's something you'd like to see you can fill out the contact form!

Step Two: hand-carve these cutie designs out of the rubber speedy carve material.

Step Three: ink up the freshly carved stamp and run a few test prints to see if any of the carving needs to be firmed up.

Step Four: once the stamp is finalized I ink the stamp and handprint the design onto each card.

Step Five: everything dries and I package them up with a little bit of twine and send them your way.

Step Six: You fill the cards with so much love, send them through the mail, and make someone's day!