Hi there,

Even Keel Card Co. was born out of my love for overflowing drawers of cute cards suitable for all occasions and my passion for creating one-of-a-kind handmade goods. I've always loved sending and receiving snail mail. My grandmother, Gigi, was my first pen pal. I loved sending her notes and anxiously awaiting her reply to show up in the mailbox. Near or far, a quick handwritten note is a perfect way to keep connected.

When most of the world began quarantining because of COVID-19, simple and meaningful ways to connect with friends and loved ones became even more important. The beginning of quarantine here in Maine coincided with my birthday and I had just been gifted a bunch of supplies to kickstart my lastest and greatest craft-venture...blockprinting notecards! I've always been a serial crafter with tubs full of fabric, glue, buttons, inks, and markers, but I really connected with the process of handprinting my own stationery.


On the rough seas of life, I have found that crafting cards and sending mail help me keep an even keel. I'm excited to share my craft so you can fill the mailboxes of those you love with a little bit of even keel.


Take good care,

Caitlin Hopkins